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What we do

CARE aims to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice and to bring lasting change to the lives of poor and vulnerable people.


By 2020, CARE and its partners will support 150 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities to overcome poverty and social injustice. 

Address sexual & reproductive health rights and gender-based violence 

In Cambodia, this includes:
  • Strengthening health systems and their accountability, including promoting reproductive rights during emergencies

  • Improving understanding and utilisation of family planning and maternal health services

  • Addressing sexual harassment in communities & workplaces

  • Engaging with men & boys to address gender-based violence

  • Strengthening support services for women who experience violence

  • Preventing early pregnancy and early marriage

Support women's economic empowerment

In Cambodia, this includes:
  • Promoting quality education for marginalised groups

  • Promoting safe, secure and dignified employment for women

  • Improving women’s financial skills and access to financial resources

  • Promoting access to productive resources and markets

  • Improving women’s voice in their communities

Support women to be more resilient to change

In Cambodia, this includes:
  • Supporting women to diversify their incomes

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture practices and techniques

  • Addressing water access and availability

Respond to emergencies and disasters

In Cambodia, this includes:
  • Providing relief to communities during flooding and drought

  • Ensuring the rights of socially marginalised and ethnic minority women are upheld during crises

  • Ensuring women’s reproductive health rights upheld during emergencies

  • Supporting community recover efforts

CARE International's 2020 Program Strategy

Learn more about CARE's global goals and how CARE Cambodia is working towards these.

Photo credits: CARE/Josh Estey/Charles Fox

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