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 Expansion of Secondary School Facilities in Cambodia





The transition from primary school to lower secondary school is a huge challenge for the government in areas such as Ratana Kiri province. The transition rate for such students in urban areas is high at 94.5%, however it falls significantly to 55.7% for Ratanak Kiri province, a rural and remote area.[1]  The reason for the significant dropout rate lies in the numerous barriers faced by students wanting to continue their education. Barriers include poverty, corruption and poor facilities at the schools such as a lack of water and sanitation. One of the greatest challenges for many students, particularly of indigenous students who live in very rural and remote villages, is that the nearest secondary school is located a great distance from their home.  These distances are too far for students to travel each day, the roads are normally in poor condition especially during the wet season and families are too poor to be able to access any form of transportation.


In order to combat this particular barrier of distance, it would be necessary for students to live away from home in order to attend the school. However, due to a lack of funding many secondary schools do not have a boarding house to accommodate students and allow them to live away from home while they go to school.



The objective of the project is to keep retention rates of student transitioning from primary school to lower secondary school; attracting and retaining quality teachers for remote postings; and having access to adequate resources that ensures education remains relevant particularly to Cambodia’s growing economy and the demands of a future workforce.


Key activities

  • Constructing teacher accommodation

  • Constructing student boarding house

  • Construction computer laboratory

  • Improving WASH facilities in schools

  • Providing O&M and PHAST training to teachers and students


This project is funded by the Floyd and Deloreres Jones Foundation.



Jul 2017 - Jun 2019



Ratanak Kiri Province



Direct: 410 Secondary School Children and Teachers


Indirect:  1,681 people who are the family members of school children and teachers.


Project partners


  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS)

  • Ministry of Rural Development (MRD)

  • Provincial Office of Education (POE)

  • Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD)



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