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Project profile

Trans Border Migration (TBM)



Estimate seven trillion of people around the world, of those estimated one billion had been migrating while 48.4% of them are female. Women’s labor migration is a crucial source of empowerment for women. Women make social and economic contributions to their families, communities, and countries of origin and destination. However, most women migrant workers are concentrated in low- and medium-skilled jobs with little chance for skills development or job mobility and employed in the informal economy in woman-centered jobs in feminized sectors. Women migrants workers employed in low-wage jobs (earn 30-50% less than male migrant workers.  Violence Against Women (VAW) plays a significant role in migration – driving women into migration and experienced violence during migration and work. Those migrants face risk of physical and sexual violence, intimate partner violence, trafficking and exploitation, forced labor and discrimination throughout the migration cycle with limited access to protection, support services or legal aid. Also women with irregular migration status are highly vulnerable). ( safe and fair program)


Internally Cambodia, the people had been migrating to regional and neighboring country and around the world as well to seeking better employment. The official statistic in 2018, show the figure of migration flow to different countries in total 1.137.101 person and the highest was Thailand counted 1,056,358 person of those 38 percentage was female (MoLVT2018).


The United Nations has developed international conventions and policy frameworks to ensure respect for the rights of migrants​. In particular, in Cambodia, the Royal Government has ratify the related international instrument and approved the regulations to promote the rights of migrants both inside and outside the country.

As a part of effort contribution to tackle these issues, CARE International Cambodia had been implementing the project called Trans Border Migration at Kompong Speu and Preah Sihanu ville as well as Thailand. The project aim to Promote Protection of Migrant Workers and Prevention of Violence Against Women(VAW), Risky Migration and Trafficking. The project life estimated nearly 3 years started September 2019 to March 2022 with USD 249,500 funded by UN-WOMEN(EU spot Light Initiative, safe and fair program).     



Promote Protection of Migrant Workers and Prevention of Violence Against Women (VAW), Risky Migration and Trafficking


Key activities

Project activities include:


  • Strengthen existing community-based groups and/or peer networks/groups in the target provinces.

  • Form new community-based groups and/or peer networks/groups in the target provinces.

  • Connect the community-based groups and/or peer networks/groups in the target provinces.

  • Train focal persons in CBOs and peer networks/groups on how to effectively promote safe migration and prevent trafficking.

  • Implement awareness-raising events for community members using trained focal points.

  • Annual reflection workshop with stakeholders.

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Sept 2019 — Mar 2022




Kampong Spue, Preah Sihanouk and Thailand.



Direct: 1500 migrant women, 50 to 300 peer/network/group and 10,000 community members. The target group are included women, indigenous peoples, youth etc. vulnerable women, men, boys and girls who are at risk of unsafe migration and trafficking.


Project partners


CARE works with Ministry of Interior, Provincial Department of Women’s Affairs,

Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Ministry of Social Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, Local Authorities

Related NGOs and INGOs

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