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Volunteering makes me help my community and increases self-confidence

Community Accountability Facilitators (CAFs) are important actors in supporting the implementation of social accountability framework (ISAF). Their main roles include the dissemination of information for citizens (I4C) package; facilitate community scorecard and interface meeting and collect the lesson learned of the implementation of the framework.

Socheata, 17, is a grade 12 student in the Samdach Ov Samdach Mae High School in Banlung Municipality, Ratanak Kiri province. She is a Tompuan. While still a high school student in her home village, now Socheata is a new Community Accountability Facilitator in Ratanak Kiri province under the support from one of CARE’s partners.

After attended the training on the implementation of social accountability framework, Socheata has built up her confidence to undertake her role as CAF. Socheata and the CAFs in her community has met and planned together to organize the awareness raising to communities in early 2021. Aside from her role as CAF, She also has volunteered to perform in the video to raise awareness of citizen on the COVID-19 prevention through social media.

“As informed about the announcement of CAFs recruitment, I am very interested in the opportunity. I believe it is a chance to improve myself in various ways and gain work-related experiences. So I apply for it and I am selected as one among the three CAFs in my village. I am happy that I could get this opportunity,” Socheata said.

She is an enthusiastic young ethic minority women in her community. She is an active youth with strong will to contribute back to social development. “To volunteer as Community Accountability Facilitator is an opportunity for me to contribute to social development through my active involvement in improving citizens understanding on the information on rights and standards, performance and budget of commune, health center and primary school; and bring the citizens and service providers together to assess and improve the quality of services delivery,” she said. It is also an opportunity to build capacity and experiences for youth, she added.

As far, Socheata has improved her capacity in the areas of google account registered; the important of the implementation of social accountability framework; good governance, citizens’ rights at commune, health center and primary school (I4Cs) and how to facilitate the dissemination of I4Cs, community scorecard and interface meeting. With the equipped knowledge and practical demonstration, Socheata believes she is able to exercise her roles as CAFs especially to facilitate the community scorecard, service provider self-assessment and interface meeting.

Socheata thinks that the project is important for her and the communities as an individual citizen. She observes that the communities are not well aware about their rights and what are the roles of local government. She expressed that the ISAF will help community to clearly understand about their rights, the standards and performance of the public services. Thus, the communities could demand for the improved services delivery just like what they want to see particularly for commune administrative, health center and primary school. In the meantime, she also express her thankfulness to Advocacy and Policy Institute and CARE for such significant project.

These activities are part of the supporting meaningful civic engagement for improved accountability by leveraging digital technologies project which is funded by the European Union.

Learn more about the Supporting Meaningful Civic Engagement for Improvement Accountability by Leveraging Digital Technologies project >

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