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Sreymeas – Garment Factory Worker

The Addressing Gender Based Sexual Harassment (GBSH) project is working in six factories to address sexual harassment in the garment industry. Through this project, CARE is developing models to support the factory leaders in preventing and responding to sexual harassment, and also provide support to sexual harassment committees to provide the sexual harassment to all the workers.

Sreymeas has been experienced to verbal and physical harassment at the previous factory she worked in. Now she is happy working in a new factory and feel safer workplaces and know what sexual harassment behaviour is. She also knows the ways to report it.

One man from stock leader who she considered a co-worker, would criticise her appearance and say bad words to her. Sreymeas was ashamed of the inappropriate joking from that man which sometime, the man stared at her and touched her body, this behaviour from the stock leader really made Sreymeas afraid and didn't want to continue to work there and she decided to leave that job.

After joint as the Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee in MT YEH’s factory, she has gain the knowledge on Sexual Harassment prevention by the training from CARE staff, she thought that the previous workplace should have a sexual harassment policy. “I didn’t know about sexual harassment, and I was new to the workplace. I didn’t know my new workplace have a sexual harassment policy, if at my previous workplace had this policy, I will not leave that job” Says Sreymeas.

She was happy to join the training from CARE about sexual harassment prevention, participated in CARE’s project and Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee member in her factory. In taking part in the project with CARE, she learned that there are many forms of sexual harassment. It includes touching, talking, and other inappropriate behaviour.

Thanks to the training, the women in Sreymeas’s factory now know who to talk to and what will happen when they report harassment and abuse.

Learn more about the Addressing Gender-Based Sexual Harassment project>

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