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Proud to be a peer education to help community to prevent unsafe migration and human trafficking

Phat Srey Pich, is a peer network educator who lives in Basedth district, Kampong Speu province, Cambodia. She has two sons, the oldest is seven and the youngest is four years old. She has faced very difficult challenges during her delivery due to ill-health of both mother and child. Her family earned a very low income so she and her husband decided to migrate to Thailand. In Thailand, the husband, for two months of hard work saved about 100$. Unfortunately, they decided to return home after they had family issues.

In early 2020, Srey Pich joined the Trans Border Migration project with CARE as a peer network educator. She was trained by the project team on safe migration, facilitation skills, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Violence against Women (VAW), and human trafficking.

Srey Pich has become an active peer educator to help others in her community. She has conducted about 70 outreach sessions to more than 1,000 community members with other peer network educators and has share plans across communities. Further, counselling sessions were included during her outreach activities with migrant workers.

Furthermore, Srey Pich has gained more confidence to communicate with authorities as well. “I am confident to share safe migration lessons, issues around violence against women and human trafficking. As a peer network I also could consult with community members or returnee migrants in terms of migration choices which has never happened in my life before” Srey Pich said.

Srey Pich was invited to be a guest speaker on the radio program on “Building the strong network support for Safe Migration, especially Women Migrant Workers and Girls” to share the knowledge and experiences of her work during the COVID-19 pandemic. See the link here:

Ms. Som Phally, Deputy Governor of the Basedth district in Kampong Speu province said, “I fell proud of the capacity of the peer network members. They are very active and confident to provide a clear message to migrants and community members. I feel they are more confident than me”.

Srey Pich is happy with the improvement of knowledge the community has on safe migration, how to prepare themselves before migration and the level of trust for her work. “The female migrants feel confident with me and peer network members. They told me their situation and shared their information” she said. Srey Pich wishes to be a strong women in community, to help her family and society for bright future.

CARE works with women in the communities by provide training women champions like Srey Pich on #SafeMigration, #GBV, #Violence and #Humantrafficking is the ways to achieving gender equality and make them safer.

CARE’s work to end gender-based violence and prevent human trafficking of migrant workers is funded by the Spotlight Initiative, managed by UNWOMEN in Cambodia.

Learn more at Trans Border Migration project >

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