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Join us in a fight for ending violence against women and girls in Cambodia

Today marks the first day of the 16 days campaign for ending violence against women & girls. This campaign has been taken place 30 years already around the world by feminist, social groups, NGOs, INGOs, government and individuals.

Today CARE International in Cambodia also took part in this celebration and eager to educate and do more for stronger engagement from relevant stakeholders especially duty bearers and the public.

Before we begin what CARE International Cambodia has been doing, let’s we see some snapshot of what has been the issues so far in Cambodia. The national survey on gender-based violence released in 2015, revealed that one in five Cambodian women aged from 15-49 years old had experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence at the hands of their partners at least once. 18% of women in relationship claimed of being physically and sexually abused by her husband or partner and only 25% of women survivors seek for legal or official help.

According to the National Action Plan for Violence Against Women number 3 (NAPVAWIII) found that women and girls living in rural setting experienced more physical violence than those in the urban setting. Ethnic women and girls who are the survivor of gender based violence also reported about their challenges in seeking legal advice, safe shelter, mental supports and others.

Another saddest finding by the national survey is 4% of Cambodian girls reported that she has been sexually abused at least once before reaching her 18 years old. This is not it yet. One among 10 women were sexually abused while one man among 4 were sexually abused in the age of 18 to 24 years older by more than one penetrator.

There are more sad findings but I would end here and I want to turn to you all as the parents, brothers & sisters, when should we end this? And how could we end this?

The culture of blaming the survivors are still there, and that causes the survivors won’t be able to seek legal supports and leave those penetrators to do the same things to other girls and boys. So THIS gotta to be STOP.

One of the core elements of CARE’s mission is to promote a Life Free from Violence.

CARE collaborate with key ministries, private sectors and garment factory leaders, in collaboration with partners including Ministries of Women’s Affairs. This year we use the Cambodian national theme: “Orange the world: Ending violence against women and girl now” and this theme and key messages will be used for CARE’s activities at the workplaces, schools and communities.

CARE International in Cambodia put huge focus on addressing the sexual harassment at the workplaces and schools, and gender based violence programs. During this special campaign, we are organizing activities with women in garment workers, teachers, students, migrant workers and community members throughout the 16 Days Campaign of Activism to call for their actions in ending violence against women and girls, and the ratification of ILO Convention 190 to end all forms of GBV in the world of work. Find more of our details here.

That is not it, we are here to invite you all as the parents, brothers and sisters to join hands with us by sharing your own photos and messages on social media with hashtag #យុទ្ធនាការ១៦ថ្ងៃ #RatifyC190 #16Days #EndGBV.

To learn more, follow the CARE Cambodia Facebook page. CARE will be sharing new posts on the CARE Cambodia Facebook page every day from 25 November to 10 December.

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