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Contraception training package helps Garment workers understand how to use modern contraception

Sexual Reproductive Health is the one important part within the Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project which working with garment factory worker. Women empowerment, especially female factory workers, plays a role to make informed choice about their sexual, reproductive health.

Thea is a 33 years old. She moved to work in capital city of Phnom Penh in 2011. She married and has a son. She has been working as a garment worker for nine years.

Thea was already taking contraceptive pills and she doesn’t know how to use it properly. She often changed the contraceptive methods when she wants to prevent unplanned pregnancies. “Before I joined with CARE's training on sexual and reproductive health, I didn’t know what and how to use a modern contraceptive” Thea said.

Thea is a young women of garment workers who is lack of information on sexual reproductive health, particularly on how to use modern contraceptive, and many garment factory workers like Thea are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

At the time, Thea had already attended CARE’s training program on the five contraceptive method and safe abortion through a screening video session, which facilitated by factory training team and with technical support by CARE’s project staff. It also facilitates trust-building sessions in the workplace, along with a mobile app that provides once-daily quiz questions.

“I was very interested with the content of the video and story introducing the type of modern contraception and its usage. These including all injections, pills, implants, IUD, and condoms, which are good options to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The training also promoted the understandings on safe abortion as well.” She said with smiling.

Beside this, Thea was able to give some advice to her colleagues and let them to discuss with factory training team while they have a question on this. "I am very lucky to have this training course with CARE’s project. I gained more confident in discussing with my husband and use the modern contraceptive method” She said.

Finally, she would like to suggest CARE continues to provide this training to all workers to gain this knowledge, because it can help them having a proper birth spacing and seeking for safe abortion for them and it will make women get healthy and have enough time to earn an come to support family as well.

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