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Sreyleak and Her School's WASH Facilities

Sreyleak, a young girl attending a school in Mondul Kiri, believes it is hard for girls to attend school due to the lack of clean WASH facility. She wishes for better access toWASH facilities at school, so it is easier for her and her friends to attend school in a safe and sanitary fashion.

The Ethnic Minority Education project funded by Lyreco for Education Foundation (January 2019 – December 2022) has a clear mission to contribute to address the gaps of quality education in Cambodia. The project’s overall purpose is to increase student enrolment and retention rates in primary and lower secondary schools by improving the quality of education, school conditions and inclusive child- friendly learning environments, particularly for ethnic minority girls.

Sreyleak’s school is one of the targeted schools for the EME project and the WASH facilities are also one of the main project activities. Sreyleak and others will find it easier to attend school and be healthy with the new-built WASH facilities in her school ground.

Please view the full video to know the full detail of her story.

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