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A 10 Year with Sewing for a Brighter Future

The video was produced to present a 10-year impact of the “Sewing for a Brighter Future project” funded by Levis Strauss Foundation and the collaboration with five factory partners and relevant stakeholders including a vendor.

It highlighted the individual perspective from the human resource managers, a member of sexual harassment committee, and the factory workers on the five intervention packages including sexual and reproductive health, maternal and newborn, hygiene and nutrition, financial literacy and sexual harassment.

Mainly, it also disclosed the sustainable impacts through strengthening the policies implementation aligning with the Worker Well-Being strategy and the existing mechanism that is a part of empowering the factory training teams to expose the commitment and ownership of the individual factory.

Please view the full video to know the full detail of the impact and how CARE works together with partners to ensure the sustainable positive changes.

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