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Speak Up...!

Srey Sros, a young woman from a province, is about to start her new job at a Garment factory in Phnom Penh. Sros is new to the city and everything is fresh for her. At first, she is pleased with her work and takes pride in what she makes, however there’s something wrong with some male workers in the factory. Her supervisor paces around leering at the women, some young men are watching pornography, and the repairman touches Sros and her fellow workers without the consent.

Sros is not comfortable with her work environment. She can’t sleep, anxiety is building, and her performance is worse at work. She feels trapped by the constant harassment and abuse. The words from her supervisor echoes in her head “don’t tell anyone about this…. Do like the others do”.

One day, Sros builds up her confidence to stand up against the harassment and encourages the others to make a report to Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee inside her factory. One by one, their voice, their concerns and action are seriously taken. Next time when the next repairman tries to hold a worker’s hand, he is immediately called out and action is taken. The garment workers know that staying silent is not the solution, but a part of the problem.

This fictional short film has been produced under Enhancing women's Voice to Stop Sexual Harassment (STOP) project with financial support from the Australian Government.

Please view the full video to see the full story of Sros and how she challenges the social norms.

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