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Sexual Reproductive Health for Our Future Carry

21st Century Skills are one of three important components within the Know&Grow project in Ratanak Kiri, Cambodia. Women's empowerment, particularly of ethnic minority girls, plays a major part in the development of 21st Century Skills. In order to promote women's empowerment and improve their knowledge of Sexual Reproductive Health within the 11 target schools.

In addition, CARE Cambodia have provided a variety of ICT equipment to support digital literacy skills amongst remote students. As part of the Know&Grow project goals, ICT is being used to support the Sexual Reproductive Health component which allows for a greater learning dynamic whilst also improving the students’ digital literacy.

Rachom Ber, 15, from the Phnong indigenous community and Sarl Dem, 16, a member of the Jarai indigenous community. Both students have been studying SRH and believe it is an important topic for adolescents to learn as it improves their decision making abilities. “Before we did not know that beginning puberty would enable pregnancy. There is also no need to marry early as it causes many problems as a young person would find it difficult to take care of a baby, a family and earn money” stated Dem. The knowledge they have gained from studying SRH encouraged them to take leadership roles amongst their peers whom they often instruct to avoid early marriage and continue their education.

ICT has helped students learn about Sexual reproductive Health. Ber wished to elaborate further, “I am always excited to learn whilst using the tablet. I have been able to watch videos the prevention of STD’s, proper hygiene practices and changes in the body caused by puberty”.

These activities are part of the Know&Grow project, which is supported by the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative, Michael Joseph McCleskey and​ Team4Tech.

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