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Lyreco and CARE Together for Education

Lyreco for Education with CARE France is conducting a field visit to CARE Cambodia’s target schools in Ratanak Kiri and Mondul Kiri provinces to observe the education projects where many indigenous community children have benefited in term of quality education.

CARE Cambodia for over two decades has implemented education projects in these two remote provinces to bring many positive impacts to local communities especially for ethnic minority communities. The projects focus on ensuring children have access to quality education including new integration of ICT and STEM.

By constructing boarding houses CARE is assisting students who live far away from school so they can stay and continue their studies. CARE Cambodia is happy to receive supplier from Lyreco for Education and CARE France to implement our education projects for four years using our education project model related to WASH, boarding house and ICT and STEM integration in school to other targeted schools.

The team also talks to and interviews school director, supporting committee, students, and teachers to see how our project has changed the school and education quality, and the team also observe the classes and livelihood of the children staying and studying in school.

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