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No school too remote for girls to start learning tech skills

To offer students the best chance of succeeding in the modern workplace, digital skills are crucial. In a remote corner of Cambodia, CARE is working with girls from ethnic minority communities to ensure they have the tools and training to become tech savvy professionals in the future.

Channy* 15, Sopha*, 15 and Mona*, 17, had the opportunity to attend training with CARE’s partner Team4Tech last year. They now lead their school’s new digital magazine and mentor others to help them develop this.

CARE provided tablets to the schools to ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to gain practical experience working with different types of technology.

Channy, Sopha and Mona work together to agree the topic of each magazine and which content will go on each page. When they have all the text and photos, they upload these to the tablets, design the pages and then publish! They are then able to share this from the school’s tablet to personal smartphones.

In March 2018, the group focused magazine content on the topic of safe workplaces for women. Many students contributed photos of the activities carried out to mark international women’s day.These girls are definitely seeing the benefit of this extracurricular activity on their future job prospects. “Creating a digital magazine helps us to improve our ICT skills, which is important especially if we want to have careers such as a news reporter or magazine designer,” shares Channy.

Working together on this magazine is not just improving the girls’ digital skills—it’s also improving their critical thinking and encouraging them to analyse the world around them. “The digital magazine allows to think and write about present social issues such as the international women’s day,” says Sopha.

The magazine aims to become a forum for sharing information which furthers the empowerment of women and girls from ethnic minority communities, such as sexual reproductive health.

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* Names have been changed to protect identities.

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