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Because everyone should be respected at work

“Women should be respected at work because everyone should be respected at work.” These are the words of Arnaud Darc, CEO of Thalias Hospitality group. Thalias runs three high-end restaurants and a prominent hotel in Phnom Penh.

Thalias started working with CARE in 2016. Since that time the two organisations have worked together to adapt CARE’s sexual Harassment Prevention Package for the garment industry to be appropriate for use with employees in the hotel and restaurants managed by Thalias. Changes included, train to company core trainer both workplace policy to prevent and response of sexual harassment as well as training material for sexual harassment dialogue session on sexual harassment to the staffs.

For Darc, taking action to protect his workers from harassment goes straight to the heart of their business. “This principle [of respect] is at the core of Thalias’ Golden Rule of always treating others the way we wish to be treated. Without this basic consideration, no one can achieve their potential, and neither can the company employing them,” he said.

“It is important for our business for women to be safe at work because we all deserve to be safe so that at the end of each day we can return home to love our families and live the fullest lives possible.”

In collaboration with CARE, Thalias developed a strong sexual harassment policy and put in place a committee for workers to confidentially report harassment if it happens. Their dedicated Training Manager received in-depth training with CARE and ongoing support to conduct sexual harassment training with her workers. Over 100 staff have now been trained by Thalias.

Putting this policy in place sends a strong message about what behavior will not be tolerated and emphasizes the core values of the company. Thalias also views this as a key way to highlight the value they place on the women who work for them. “Women are important to our industry because they bring unique talents and perspectives,” Darc concludes. “Our industry cannot succeed without women.”

Support for Thalias to conduct sexual harassment training and implement a sexual harassment policy was made possible with the financial assistance of the Australian Government under the Protections for Marginalised Urban Women project.

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