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Teaching ALL young people in Cambodia that sexual harassment is unacceptable

CARE Cambodia is excited to announce that our #WhyStopinSchools training materials have been approved as part of the official syllabus for Grade 7 by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The announcement was made by Her Excellency Soeur Socheata in early March. This means that all students at secondary school in Cambodia will have the opportunity to learn more about what actions are sexual harassment and why this is unacceptable.

Based on the successful #WhyStop Campaign, the training includes videos, interviews with young filmmakers, activities and discussion guides. A pilot has being conducted in 50 schools in three provinces (Ratanak Kiri, Kampong Chhnang and Phom Penh).

Students have responded well to the new topics and this is already influencing how they would react when faced with harassing behaviour. “Sexual harassment is not acceptable because it does not give respect and value to others,” says one boy. “If I saw another student being sexually harassed or threatened I would report this.”

Teachers are also starting to see the value of this. “I think it is important for students to learn about sexual harassment before they start work so young women can be strong and confident in their response if it happens,” says a school director in Ratanak Kiri. “

We are very pleased that Her Excellency Soeur Socheata has been so involved in piloting these materials,” says Assistant Country Director Jan Noorlander. “It is very positive she has felt so committed to this cause and feels so strongly about the role of education in contributing to the safety of girls and boys. Thanks to her efforts to support trialling these materials with schools and champion their incorporation into the syllabus, this has now been approved by the Minister.

“We particularly welcome this announcement now as in the month of March CARE is focusing on the need for women to be respected and valued in the workplace. Helping young people understand what behaviour is acceptable is a very important part of ensuring all women in Cambodia can access employment opportunities equally alongside their male peers.”

CARE will continue to support this training in the pilot schools and work with the Ministry to support the expansion of this curriculum across Cambodia.

The WhyStopInSchools training materials were developed with the financial support of the Australian Government.

Learn more about the WhyStopInSchools package >

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