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#safework4women: why CARE Cambodia will be talking about women’s safety at work every day this month

On 8 March, people in Cambodia and around the world mark International Women’s Day. It is a day when the achievements of women are celebrated and men are encouraged to honour the women in their life. However, CARE believes women should be respected every day, not just on International Women’s Day.

With global media attention focused on allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct in many different industries and locations around the world, it is clear that women are not always safe at work and therefore not respected and valued equally.

For the entire month of March, CARE Cambodia is highlighting why Cambodian women deserve respect at work. There are many positive examples of actions taken by individuals and businesses which are making Cambodian workplaces safer for women. CARE is encouraging others to follow their lead.

Activities will be taking place in schools and workplaces throughout March. We want employers to take action to protect women in the workplace. We want young people to understand why women and men should be respected equally at work. We want women and men, girls and boys everywhere to speak up if they see violence or harassment.

To learn more, follow the CARE Cambodia facebook page. CARE will be sharing new posts every day showcasing the views of women and men Cambodia and highlighting some of the actions people are taking to make workplaces safer for women. We invite everyone to share their own photos and messages on facebook using the hashtag #safework4women.

Visit the CARE Cambodia Facebook page >

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