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CARE launches new drama series!

This week CARE is launching a new drama series titled Lucky Mother. Featuring Thida, a young woman pregnant with her first baby, each episode includes subtle information about how Thida can keep herself and her baby healthy.

The dramas were produced under CARE’s Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project, which is funded by GlaxoSmithKline as part of their 20% Reinvestment Initiative. They will be launched to an audience of factory managers, workers, brands and Ministry representatives at an event in Phnom Penh this week. Attendees will see two of the six episodes available.

Aimed at workers in the garment industry, the videos follow lead character Thida as she leaves her job at a Phnom Penh factory and returns to her home province in the hope of starting her own business. Episodes cover topics such as what to eat during pregnancy, getting good healthcare for delivery and nutrition for breastfeeding mothers.

CARE plans to reach workers in new ways through promotion campaigns with ringtone vendors around factory gates. Workers can have the videos downloaded to their phones for free and watch with family or friends in their free time. The videos will also be aired on CARE Cambodia’s facebook page in the coming weeks.

Factory managers who attended a pre-screening of the videos believe it will benefit many workers.

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