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ICT equipment support in teaching and learning

Ea Sophal is a male teacher and is currently 31 year olds. He originally comes from Kampong Cham province but moved to Ratanak Kiri to teach in Angdoun Meas High school since 2015. He teaches ICT and Khmer from grades 8-12.

Ea Sophal was selected to be an ICT core trainer in Angdoung Meas High School. After he received training from Team4Tech on ICT which was provided to ICT core trainers, he utilized his knowledge to train other teachers on basic computer skills which included the use of Microsoft Office to make lesson plans whilst also using ICT knowledge to be implemented in the classroom.

He said, “I understand technology is very useful for general tasks and can help me in many ways such as making lesson plans, searching documents, making presentations, creating lists of student details and calculating their scores.”

“The ICT subject at school helps teachers and students to participate in modern society by learning computer skills and increasing their accessibility to information.”

“I would like to thank CARE who provided computers, laptops and tablets to my school which is both interesting and beneficial for students who are using the tablets for research and studying. Nowadays, the tablet has many apps such as Legendary, Mathematic formulas, Khmer and English Literature and Grammar examinations which are used within grades 7-9.”

“We used computers to search documents and gain knowledge whilst studying different subjects. It is also good to maintain communications inside and outside of the country, especially when internet access is available which enables teachers and students to learn online and set up different apps in tablets for their studies. However, there are not enough computers so students are limited with regards practicing and learning computer skills.”

“Other teachers can now understand Microsoft Word and use these skills for lesson planning and presentations after we provided them short training at the school. Also, when they have questions they do not hesitate to ask, which shows willingness to know more about ICT usage at the school.”

“With regards to career counselling for students, they come to me and other teachers for direct guidance and counselling services. If we had the app for career counselling, it would be easier for us to guide them.”

These activities are part of the Know&Grow project, which is supported by the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative, Team4Tech, Ping Y Tai and other private donors.

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