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Learn how computer labs are giving students confidence that they can achieve their future goals

Soriya* is 16 years old and studies at a school which has recently gained a computer lab thanks to CARE. She shares how she believes this will benefit her future career.

My school is in a remote area—it is so far from my home that I stay in the school dormitory. Before this we have not had any access to computers for learning. I was very happy when I learned our school would get a computer lab from CARE, because these facilities make me feel that I can study the same subjects as students in other countries even though I live in a very rural area.

This has been my first opportunity to learn how to use a computer but I find it really fun. My favorite thing to do is to type the text very fast so I can become better at this!

The computer can store many documents and I am finding that it is much easier to look up information, as it is easy to find documents very fast instead of searching in lots of books or paperwork. It is very helpful for research that relates to other subjects or homework from the teachers. For example, when I am studying biology, I can use the internet to help me to understand the lessons from class.

The computer can also help me to figure out difficult words that I do not understand. When I come across difficult words, I can use the computer to look them up and learn what they mean, so the computer is helping me to improve my understanding in many ways.

In my opinion education at school is important for gaining general knowledge as well as specific subjects. I have paid attention to study subjects that relate to skills that will enable me to get a job after I finish school. With these computers, the school is able to provide me more knowledge that will help me in the future, especially so I can earn a good income. I want to get a good job; being computer literate allows us to better choose a career that we want to work in.”

CARE is working to include more information about information communication technology, sexual reproductive health, and 21st century skills into the curriculum, so that all lower secondary schools students in Ratanak Kiri can receive a 21st century education.

*Names changed to protect identities

These activities are part of the Know and Grow project, which is supported by the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative, Ping Y Tai and many other private donors.

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