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Factory workers show how private sector partnerships can empower more women to make healthy decision

CARE Cambodia is multiplying the impact of its Chat! Contraception package by offering this interactive training in more garment factories with the support of GlaxoSmithKline. In April the organisation celebrated the graduation of the first group of workers from one of these new factories.

Chat! Is a set of tools consisting of interactive sessions, video dramas, and a mobile quiz app. It aims to help young female garment workers learn about their contraceptive options so they can make informed decisions and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Under CARE’s Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project, Golden Prosper Factory has been offering this training to its workers since September 2016.

A total of 190 women were presented with certificates confirming they have completed the eight training sessions. A number of them spoke about the impact Chat! has had on their lives. “I am more than happy that I could attend sexual reproductive health training with CARE and that I graduated today,” said one woman. “I gained a lot of benefits from the training. Not just only me but also my co-workers too; we feel confident we can make our own decisions to use the correct contraceptive method. I am now using the pill.”

Factory HR manager Mr. Ly Sreang is very positive about the effects of Chat! on their workplace. “I think this training is very important for both workers and the factory…When workers’ health is good, it can save them money on health expenses. They are also less absent from work. This means that the productivity of the factory can be increased.”

GSK Cambodia General Manager Vi Nguyen Thi Tuong spoke of the value of this partnership with CARE. “The 20% reinvestment initiative is part of our commitment to support education and build healthcare infrastructure. That means we will reinvest 20% of profits we make in the country back to the community through partnerships with organisations for education and building infrastructure. The Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project in coordination with CARE is one of the key projects of GSK Cambodia as part of this initiative. We truly believe the outcome of the program will benefit the female population, which in turn will be benefit the future of Cambodia.”

CARE, with support from GSK, aims to continue to bring Chat! to more factories in Cambodia as they work towards a world where all women are able to make their own decisions about their bodies, their health, and their lives.

Chat! Contraception was created by CARE Cambodia with funding from the Australian Government as part of Partnering to Save Lives. It is implemented in 15 additional garment factories with the financial support of GlaxoSmithKline.

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Chat! Contraception is one component of the Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project under the CARE-GSK partnership.

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