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CARE joins Fashion Revolution event in Phnom Penh

CARE Cambodia spoke about its work to prevent sexual harassment in garment factories at an event in Phnom Penh this week as part of the global Fashion Revolution campaign.

The event featured a screening of The True Cost, a feature-length documentary film that explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet. CARE joined the evening to provide deeper insight into one of the specific challenges facing female garment workers in Cambodia—sexual harassment—and to share how the organisation has been addressing this.

Dignified Work Advisor Adriana Siddle spoke about CARE’s ‘Sexual Harassment Stops Here!’ workplace prevention package, which has been developed based on extensive work with garment factories to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. It includes a Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy, interactive training and posters to engage with workers. The training centres on ‘Chanda’s story’, a five-episode live-action film that follows a garment factory worker who is being sexually harassed in the workplace.

As global attention once again focuses on the garment industry and its impact on those working within it, CARE hopes more and more garment factory managers in Cambodia will recognise the value of ensuring their workers are safe and protected.

CARE’s workplace prevention package is available for garment factories to share with their workers and CARE currently offers an initial training for HR staff on implementing this. Learn more about the contents of the package >

CARE’s workplace prevention package was developed with financial support from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and the Australian Government.

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