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Ratanak Kiri students ready for 21st century education

Grade eight students Bopha* and Chith*are looking forward to learning 21st century skills at school thanks to a new CARE project.

Both come from the Cambodian ethnic minority group Brov and study at a remote lower secondary school in the far north-east province of Ratanak Kiri.

Bopha, 16, likes to study English and plans to become a teacher. 14-year-old Chith’s favourite subject is mathematics and he aspires to be a doctor.

The students are very excited about having opportunities to learn ICT. Chith has used a computer a couple of times before, but Bopha has never used a computer. “I would like to learn ICT – it’s a good technology that allows you to communicate with people all around the world,” Chith said. CARE supports some lower secondary schools with equipment; Chith’s school currently has three new computers.

Chith would also like ICT included in the school curriculum. “I’d like to develop my knowledge to learn ICT so that I’m not behind the students in Ban Lung when I go on to study upper secondary school.”

Bopha said she would also like to increase her knowledge for other 21st century skills and about sexual reproductive health. She has read the book by CARE “Growth and Changes” to learn about puberty, but it isn’t spoken about in the classroom.

“I’ve learnt a bit about puberty for girls and boys from the book. I want to learn more about sexual reproductive health, because if I understand more we can prevent transmitted diseases.”

[endif]--Chith hasn’t read the book on puberty and admits he doesn’t know a lot, but is interested to learn about sexual reproductive health and looks forward to it being taught at his school.

The Know & Grow project will fill a much needed void in education for ethnic minorities, equipping them with modern skills to become active ASEAN citizens.

Know & Grow is funded by the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative.

Learn more about the Know & Grow project >

*Names have been changed in accordance with CARE’s child protection policy


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