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CARE’s work recognised in Forum for the Future publication

A recent publication by Forum for the Future highlights the success of CARE’s efforts to promote the labour rights of beer promoters and prevent them from experiencing harassment and discrimination.

The chapter on ‘Women beyond gender’ in The Long View profiles CARE’s work as an example of how engaging with private sector businesses to improve women’s rights has led to positive changes in the industry. The case study ‘Tackling stigma in Cambodia’s beer industry’ looks at how CARE has engaged with major breweries, restaurant owners and beer promoters themselves.

“Whereas previous attempts to address the problems had taken a public health perspective, CARE engaged directly with the brewers, tackling first and foremost the issues of workers’ rights…

“CARE then went on to create the Solidarity Association of Beer Promoters in Cambodia (SABC) – an independent, membership-based organisation encouraging long-term sustainability of the various activities supporting beer promoters. It was the SABC’s mission to “bring together volunteer beer promoters to share problems, encourage behavior change and work together rather than in competition”.

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CARE's work with beer promoters in Cambodia is funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. CARE work to end violence against women is also supported by the Australian Government.

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