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Authorities throw support behind Know & Grow project

CARE Cambodia launched its new project Know & Grow at a workshop on March 17.

Officials praised CARE’s work, and the important step the new project will take in bringing education into the 21st century for lower secondary schools in Ratanak Kiri.

The Deputy Governor Nhem Sam Oeun, Provincial Office of Education director Chan Khamkhoeur and Provincial Department of Women’s Affairs director Chok Meul joined the school directors of Ratanak Kiri’s 11 lower secondary schools and CARE staff from Cambodia and the US for the workshop.

The project aims to improve the quality of education through introducing ICT, sexual reproductive health and other 21st century skills to the classroom.

CARE program director Jan Noorlander said the project needed the support and commitment of the authorities and the Provincial Office of Education, especially as the project would address sensitive subjects like sexual reproductive health.

“The world is changing, how we learn is changing, so the education needs to be updated. Know & Grow aims to prepare children for this changing world.”

Madame Chok Meul asked that everyone cooperate to ensure the success of the project. “It is a big responsibility for teachers to focus on issues for girls and boys, but they are responsible for the quality education of children,” she said. “And then it is important for the authorities to motivate teachers. They can check with teachers if something isn’t working well, through inspections and classroom observation.”

Madame Chan Khamkhoer said she had positive impressions of the project. “Education reform and improving and supporting new materials and methodology to support student outcomes are important,” Madame Chan Kamkhoeur said. “I’ve seen great change at various high schools with positive students. More students have enrolled than we thought, and more students are completing education.”

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