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Cambodian children learn best hygiene practices

School children in the north-east of Cambodia have learnt better hygiene practices at a hygiene training day conducted by CARE. In November, CARE conducted hygiene training days at Bor Keo Lower Secondary Schools in Ratanak Kiri province as part of its WASH in Schools and Communities project.

This 12-year-old grade seven student said the day was informative, teaching them more how to wash their hands.

“It’s easy. I’m going to try and wash my hands more often,” she said. A 14-year-old grade eight student said although he’d been shown before how to wash his hands, he’d forgotten and the information was important.“I should wash at least three times a day to protect from viruses,” he said.

CARE education projects manager Sean Songlim gave a presentation on CARE’s projects to the students and why they were teaching valuable hygiene practices to school children.

Students were shown how to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water, with some students demonstrating the practice in front of their peers. Students were also tested in a quiz where they received a bar of soap if they answered a question correctly.

These activities are part of the WASH in Schools and Communities project, which is funded by the Australian Government.

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