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Restaurant managers taking a stand against harassment of their workers

Beer promoters have been visiting restaurants and beer gardens around Phnom Penh to speak to customers about female workers’ right to be treated with respect. Women working in places such as beer gardens have reported feeling a regular and daily risk of being sexually harassed, so members of the Solidarity Association of Beer promoters in Cambodia (SABC) are working to change this.

For the 16 days campaign, banners with the message ‘Sexual harassment stops here!’ have been making the rounds of different outlets. After speaking to SABC representatives about the importance of ending violence against women and what actions they can take, many people chose to step up to the banner and show their support. Customers chose which action they committed to do—listen, support or report—and posed for photos, with many people choosing more than one action. They then shared these to facebook to encourage others to also take action.

“It is good to provide this information because I have often seen violence against women in my community and near my house. If we have information to share it is easier to help to stop this,” said one young man. “Having no violence is good for our families and our country. From now on I will support more and not blame women,” said another.

Restaurant managers are keen to share this information within their businesses. This manager was proud to pose with a sign declaring sexual harassment would not be tolerated in his restaurant and was eager for people to know of him as someone who ensures his employees are treated with respect.

He encourages everyone to listen without judgment when they hear of incidences of harassment or violence. “I must listen to my staff. This is the first and best way to show women respect.”

These messages are also being shared on the Safe Community Forum facebook page.

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CARE's work to end violence against women in Cambodia is funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and the Australian Government.

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