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Garment factories say ‘Sexual harassment stops here!’

Workers in garment factories have joined lunchtime events durign the 16 Days Campaign to learn more about what sexual harassment is and how they can stand together to prevent this.

Along with information about the campaign, workers were given a choice of three commitment cards to sign: ‘Listen’, ‘Support’ or ‘Report’. The cards encourage people to listen without judgment, show women support and report incidents to the relevant authorities—all actions which help to create an environment where sexual harassment is viewed as unacceptable behaviour.

Many chose to take selfies and photos of their friends wearing the campaign’s orange T-shirt and holding the card showing the actions that most appealed to them. These were then stuck on the wall of the lunch area. Some of those who drove to work added stickers to their motorbikes as well. A number of games and activities helped people to understand that sexual harassment is not just inappropriate touching but can also include verbal harassment.

Factory management said that they wanted to hold events such as this to help women understand that the factory has a clear stance on sexual harassment. “We want women to be brave so that when they have a problem they seek help,” said one member of the HR team. “We want bad behavior to be reported to supervisors so it can be dealt with…when workers understand that this can happen, they will know that if they misbehave there will be consequences.”

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CARE's work to end violence against women in Cambodia is funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and the Australian Government.

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