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Students posting their commitments to end violence against women

In the weeks leading up to the 16 days of activism to end violence against women, students from high schools and universities have been signing commitment cards detailing what they will do to support the campaign and prevent violence in their communities. Events to share information about the campaign were organised by People Health Development Association (PHD).

This Phnom Penh high school student signed a commitment card and posted it to the Safe Community Forum facebook page. He says, “I strongly support the 16days campaign to end violence against women, it’s a thing that’s not acceptable. We should shift the blame away from victims as it’s not their fault, society should be aware that it is illegal act to against the law.”

The posting of commitments continues the actions started at an event to mark Orange Day in October, where local authorities from Posen Chey District in Phnom Penh wrote what actions they would take to end gender-based violence in their communities.

Students who signed commitment cards were encouraged to share their commitments online and to ask their friends to do the same. Many young people have joined the Safe Community Forum facebook page to show their support and learn more about why ending violence against women is important.

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CARE’s work to end violence against women is supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and the Australian Government.

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