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World Humanitarian Day 2015: Why humanitarian action also needs a woman’s face

On World Humanitarian Day (19 August 2015), CARE and partners around the globe are raising awareness of the importance of focusing on the role of women in improving humanitarian action. In a joint statement, organisations are calling on the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) to put women’s leadership, gender equality and gender-based violence (GBV) at the heart of major global reforms to better protect and assist people affected by crisis.

Putting women at the heart of what we do is fundamental to all of CARE’s work in Cambodia. The joint statement highlights the importance of empowering women to participate in responding to crises. In order to achieve this, Cambodia needs strong women with the knowledge and confidence to represent the needs of women during emergencies.

For this reason, CARE aims to develop female leaders—within their homes, their communities, and ultimately their country—who can support Cambodia’s future.

In Ratanak Kiri, CARE works to ensure girls from ethnic minorities have access to education and develop their confidence in their abilities. In Phnom Penh, CARE’s work with women in garment factories is improving women’s life skills while simultaneously developing leaders in the workplace. In Koh Kong, women who learned improved agricultural skills are now leading groups of female farmers and representing their needs to local authorities.

By providing opportunities for women’s empowerment, CARE hopes to ensure that when emergencies happen they have the skills and confidence to step forward and make their voices heard.

However, while increasing women’s agency to act is key, it is also important for governments and institutions to recognise the value of women’s contributions to response and recovery efforts. CARE believes that in doing so more lives will be saved and resilience efforts will be strengthened.

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