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Story from PACE project

Chantou works at Bright Sky garment factory. Bright Sky, a major vendor for the Gap Inc. clothing company, is collaborating with CARE’s P.A.C.E. project to deliver literacy and lifeskills training to female garment workers.

Chantou is originally from Kampong Speu province. She is married with no children. Her husband works as a blacksmith in her home town. In Phnom Penh, she shares a house with seven other female garment workers in order to save money. She goes to see her husband once a month and gives whatever remains from her wages to him because she doesn’t feel safe keeping money with her in Phnom Penh.

Chantou is in the P.A.C.E program. She comes to class regularly and chats, laughing andsmiling with her classmates during sessions. She’s keen to apply what she has learned in theclassroom.

The problem solving and decision making module has paved the way for her to make gooddecisions in order to prevent problems with her husband. She recalls, “Before, I gave aproportion of my wages to my parents without informing my husband. They need moneybecause they spent a lot on my wedding ceremony. I was so anxious - I did not know whatmy husband would do when he found out. After learning about problem solving and decisionmaking in the P.A.C.E. program, I decided to discuss my debt with him. I was so delightedand nearly burst into tears when he said that we should continue to help them by giving themsome money.”

With a smile, she said she wanted other female garment workers to participate in the program because it would help them solve their problems too!

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