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Significant changes through literacy training!

Rachna is originally from Mesang District, Prey Veng Province. She has four siblingsand she is the third child in the family. Rachna did not have a chance to get mucheducation because she had to earn money since she was very young child. She quit school at grade 6. “I stopped learning because there was not enough money for myfamily living. I sold Num Kroch (a kind of Cambodian cake) in my village to earnmoney.”

Rachna now is 23 years of age and working at Bright Sky factory with her older sister. She shares a renting room near the factory with her. Rachna has worked in this factory for 3 years.

She was surprised and happy when she was selected to attend P.A.C.E program. “Iwant to further my knowledge because I have received a little education so far. I thinkthat education can help me to improve my life in the future. So when I wasinterviewed by P.A.C.E’s staff, I was happy and hoped to join the program.” Rachnahas attended the literacy program for nearly two moths and she has gained somesignificant knowledge. She says with pride,” I can use the fire extinguisher now. I havelearned addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, and 5s (sustain, shine, straight, sort and standardize).”

She applied what she has learned with her niece and herself. She says with a smile, “Itaught my niece, who is studying at grate 2, about addition, subtraction,

multiplication and division when she came to visit me. I keep things cleaner at my work place and at home now after I have learned about 5s.”

Rachna has made some important changes after she has attended two-month literacy course. She is taking care more about her future. She talks more politely. “I have made a lot of changes for myself. I am more considerable person now. I talk more politely to sister and my friends and I take care of cleanness now.”

Rachna is willing to further her study with P.A.C.E after literacy training and she sets a clear plan for her future.

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