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Sexual Harassment
Stops Here!


In 2015 CARE Cambodia launched Sexual Harassment Stops Here! This campaign aimed to encourage people to stand up and say that sexual harassment is not acceptable.


An important way to show that sexual harassment is not acceptable is to report this when it occurs. CARE’s research has found that many women in Phnom Penh would be concerned about reporting sexual harassment for fear of being blamed—worrying that people would say the harassment was their fault because of their behaviour.​ For this reason, CARE’s campaign focused on three simple actions people can take to ensure that women are not blamed for harassment but instead have the confidence to report this: listen; support; and report.


During the 16 Days of Activism in 2015 CARE asked individuals, businesses and community leaders to declare that they will not tolerate sexual harassment in their homes, workplaces, schools or communities.


Campaign materials include:
  • Posters encouraging people to listen, support and report

  • Commitment cards

  • Stickers

  • Karaoke video

  • Animation


Businesses wishing to use these to prevent sexual harassment in their own workplaces should contact CARE for more information. CARE is happy to share these materials with other partners working to address gender-based violence.


CARE also offers an additional package of materials specifically for garment factories, which includes a sample workplace sexual harassment policy, video dramas and trainings materials.




Watch this animation about sexual harassment
Watch the campaign's karaoke song
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