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Partner profile: SABC

CARE helped to set up the Solidarity Association of Beer promoters in Cambodia (SABC), which gained official recognition from the Ministry of Interior in 2009. SABC is an independent membership organisation run entirely by women working in the beer promotion industry.


The organisation aims to foster an environment of solidarity rather than competition and supports women to work together to protect each other. CARE supports SABC peer educators to conduct education sessions with beer promoters and share key information with their colleagues. SABC peer educators act as focal points for women to contact if they need advice or support with resolving issues. The organisation then provides support to women who wish to make reports to the police or pursue further action.


The SABC management team are recognised as spokespeople for women working in the entertainment industry. CARE continues to provide opportunities for SABC to be heard at the national level and provides ongoing support to develop their advocacy abilities.


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