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CARE's projects in Cambodia all include a focus on at least one of the groups we work with: urban women who are marginalised by occupation, rural women who are denied multiple rights, and women and girls from ethnic minorities.


Current projects

         The Ethnic Minority Education project aims to increase students enrollment and retention               rates in primary and lower secondary schools by improving the quality of education, school

         conditions and inclusive child-friendly learning environments, particularly for ethnic                         minority girls.

         The overall purpose of McCleskey is to empower marginalised ethni minority adolescents, 

         especially girls, so that they have expanded life choices in multiple spheres including 

         economic, social and health including sexual and reproductive health.

This project, Enhancing Women’s Voice to Stop Sexual Harassment, is working in four countries in the Mekong to address sexual harassment in the garment industry. The project will develop, test and adapt workplace models for the prevention of and response to sexual harassment in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

To reduce the incidence of malaria to less than 1 infection per 1000 peoles at risk in each operational district and elimate plasmodium Falciparum including multidrug resistance by 2020.

Chat! aims to improve the health of garment factory workers though empowering women and men to make healthy sexual choices, access reliable reproductive health services, and prevent unplanned pregnancies.

In this project, CARE is working to improve workers’ knowledge of nutrition behaviour so they can make informed decisions about their diet.

A project focusing on improving the knowledge and skills of young migrants working in garment factories.

Know & Grow aims to empower marginalised ethnic minority adolescents, especially girls, so that they have the opportunity to learn 21st century skills.


A selection of previous projects




Read about the successes of previous projects:


Photo credits: CARE/Charles Fox/Nicolas Axelrod

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