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In Cambodia CARE's goals are achieved through two main programs – Socially Marginalised Women and Ethnic Minority Women – as well as through the provision of assistance to communities during emergencies.


CARE works with socially marginalised women, targeting rural to urban migrants and the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in rural Cambodia.


This work includes improving household livelihoods, educating migrants on their rights, improving rural health care services, and empowering workers to protect themselves from harm. 

CARE works at national, provincial and local level to promote the rights and interests of ethnic minority communities, with a particular focus on women.  


Working in north eastern Cambodia, this program focuses on improving education opportunities for indigenous children, enhancing the quality of teaching and facilities available to them, and addressing the underlying causes of poverty among ethnic minority groups. 

Responding to humanitarian emergencies is an essential part of CARE’s work to fight poverty and injustice.

CARE helps people cope with crisis through disaster risk reduction, emergency relief, preparedness, and post-crisis recovery. CARE’s primary aim is to meet the needs of affected populations in the poorest communities, with a specific focus on the needs of women and girls.

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