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Program Quality & Learning

The Program Quality & Learning (PQL) unit works to improve the quality of CARE Cambodia’s programs and contribute to their overall strategic development.


Through field visits, assessments and ongoing communication, a dedicated team of advisors provide expertise and hands-on support for key cross-cutting issues to staff across the organisation. This ensures that CARE Cambodia’s programs use and demonstrate best practice in design, implementation and evaluation.


Gender and women’s empowerment

Gender and women’s empowerment is a priority for CARE, both globally and in programs in Cambodia. As well as providing strategic advice and support to programming, the PQL unit ensures CARE continues to promote gender mainstreaming approaches throughout all projects and constantly improves the organisation’s policies, structures and culture. The team also helps CARE’s program experience reach policy level through national forums, working groups and networks, which ensures appropriate advocacy and national impact for all women in Cambodia.


Livelihoods development

Supporting the poorest and most marginalised people, especially women, to access and maintain appropriate livelihoods is key to their economic empowerment and increasing the opportunities available to them. Through strategies for supporting secure, sustainable and resilient livelihoods, a dedicated livelihoods advisor ensures that program activities in this area are effective and sustainable so they have maximum impact.


Monitoring and evaluation

The PQL unit ensure a robust level of monitoring for program activities by providing technical advice to program and project staff on ways to assess how and why we are achieving change and results through our work. This includes developing appropriate monitoring tools, advising on data collection, processing and analysis, and facilitating baseline and end-line surveys for projects. The team applies a participatory approach in documenting standards of good practices so programs can continue to develop and improve.


Information management

Sharing information and learning is important to ensure CARE maintains a high level of quality in its programs. Results, research and key documents are systematically collected, analysed, shared and archived so that all staff can benefit from  lessons learned and information exchange is encouraged at all levels of the organisation. 

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