Socially Marginalised Women

CARE works with socially marginalised women experiencing multiple denial of their rights. CARE’s goal is that women have a legitimate voice and benefit equitably from social change. 


CARE focuses on two specific groups: 

  • Urban women marginalised by occupation

  • Rural women at risk of violence, denied their sexual reproductive maternal health rights, & denied their voice


CARE takes a thematic approach to consider the complex needs of the women we work and the overlapping overlapping factors affecting their lives. All of CARE's projects under the Socially Marginalised Women program address at least one of these themes. 


Gender-based violence

CARE works to prevent, protect women from and respond to all forms of gender-based violence – including physical violence, sexual harassment and other forms of intimidation – with the goal of ending violence against women.

Sexual, reproductive & maternal health rights

CARE works to ensure women have knowledge of and access to a range of quality sexual, reproductive and maternal (SRM) health services, with the freedom to make informed choices about their SRM health options.


Women’s economic empowerment 

CARE works to ensure women have access to decent work through ensuring they receive fair terms within their employment, supporting opportunities for women to generate sustainable income at home and developing economic leaders within communities to advocate for the needs of women. This includes helping women develop skills to make informed decisions about their finances.


Women’s voice

CARE works to ensure the issues and needs of women are heard by stakeholders from national to community level and within families. At the same time, CARE works with women to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, confidence and access to express themselves, make informed decisions and represent themselves at many levels to develop the leaders of the future. 

Photo credits: CARE/Josh Estey/Nicolas Axelrod

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