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Perceptions of sexual harassment

CARE’s work to address sexual harassment in Cambodia includes learning exactly what people think and feel about this. To stimulate discussion around the types of sexual harassment women experience and how these are perceived by members of society, CARE developed a number of short video clips showing different scenarios. 


These videos were shown to different groups of people―including garment factory workers, university students, tuk tuk drivers, and workers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Read the full report to learn more about what each group said >


While depicting instances of sexual harassment in Cambodia, the scenes show situations which could be familiar to many women around the world. The videos are available below as a resource to others. 

Verbal harassment in a restaurant
Physical harassment in a beer garden
Verbal harassment outside a factory
Physical harassment in a factory
Electronic harassment in an office
Coercion in an office

For further information about the creation of these videos and how they can be used, please contact

Read the full research exploring perceptions of sexual harassment in Cambodia

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