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Ethnic Minority Women

CARE Cambodia’s Ethnic Minority Women (EMW) program works with women, their communities, their leaders and authorities to ensure ethnic minority women have their rights respected, their identity valued and equitable access to livelihoods and skilled jobs. 


Those CARE works with are ethnic minority groups, primarily located in the highlands to the north-east of the country, who often face greater obstacles in their day-to-day lives than others in Cambodia. In particular, the program focuses on those who experience social isolation, discrimination and economic exclusion as a result of their ethnicity, with particular attention given to the situation of women and girls.


The Ethnic Minority Women program focuses on Cambodia's north-eastern provinces of Ratanak Kiri, Mondul Kiri, Kratie and Stung Treng. 


CARE has been working with ethnic minority communities for many years, including over 15 years of expertise in education. CARE's work under this program has a number of focus areas.



Developing  multilingual classes in early childhood education and lower primary school so children can learn in their own language before progressing to Khmer; supporting teachers to  become more aware and sensitive to the needs of ethnic minorities; and encouraging communities to become more involved in the governance of their schools.


Women’s voice

Developing and strengthening community-based organisations; engaging with ethnic minority working groups at national level to ensure women’s voices are heard; and influencing policy at all levels.


Economic Empowerment

Promoting women economic leaders and recognition for elevated roles for those from ethnic minorities; addressing resource security for ethnic minority communities; increasing resilience to natural ; and increasing resilience to climate change and natural disasters.


Gender based violence (GBV)

Contributing to the evidence and research on the prevalence of gender-based violence in ethnic minority communities and promoting dialogue on the issue; strengthening ethnic minority civil society organisation capacities on gender-based violence to raise awareness of and address issues.


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