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Female Construction Workers 


CARE's Female Construction Workers project engages with civil society, the MInistry of Labour & Vocational Training and private sector businesses with the aim of ensuring safe and secure work environments for women in Cambodia's construction industry. 


Cambodia’s booming construction industry employs between 175,000 and 200,000 workers, many of whom are unskilled and work informally as day labourers. An estimated 20–40% of the construction workers are female; many have relocated from rural areas of Cambodia to find work in the construction sector in the growing capital of Phnom Penh.  


Assumptions about women’s skills and capabilities mean women and men are treated differently; women are often relegated to the most lowly paid work and are not valued or recognised. These women workers often have little knowledge of how Cambodian law applies to them and how to stay safe at work. For women these problems are exacerbated by social norms which place additional family responsibilities on them.


CARE is working to raise awareness of women workers and address assumptions about women’s capabilities so that female construction workers in Cambodia can have safer workplaces and increased opportunity. The overall goal for this project is for women in the construction sector to be valued and respected by their colleagues, employers and the society in which they live. 



To strengthen capacity of female construction workers, civil society, and government on ensuring women construction workers are safe and valued equally in the workplace.


Key activities
Project activities include:


  • Capacity building of female peer leaders

  • Training private sector employers on the needs of female workers

  • Providing opportunities for workers to share information with private sector employers

  • Relationship building with key private sector construction associations


Learn more about women in Cambodia's construction industry thorugh CARE's videos



January 2016 –December 2018



7 districts in Phnom Penh


  •  3,000 female construction workers

  • 300 private sector construction companies


Project partners


  • Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training

  • Cambodian Women for Peace and Development

  • Legal Support for Children and Women

  • Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia

Photo credits: CARE/Charles Fox

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