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Know & Grow

Cambodia’s ethnic minority population has historically been marginalised from accessing services including health and education. There are 24 minority ethnicities, the majority of which live in the north-east of Cambodia. CARE has worked extensively to improve their access to services, creating more schools, training teachers, developing curriculum and spreading multilingual education so that school is more accessible and success in education is achievable. CARE has also worked to ensure families in villages are prioritising girls’ education equally to boys.



To empower marginalised ethnic minority adolescents, especially girls, so that they have expanded life choices in multiple spheres including economic, social, and health, though improving education in 21st century skills, information communication technology and sexual reproductive health, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be engaged ASEAN citizens.


Key activities

Project activities include:

  • Developing a career counselling app to assist students in learning about possible career paths

  • Training house parents on sexual reproductive health, gender based violence and life skills

  • Establishing Boys’ Clubs as a safe space to learn about their sexual reproductive health to complement already existing Girls’ Clubs

  •  Setting up school magazine clubs at selected schools to improve digital literacy skills, in Khmer and local ethnic minority languages

  •  Distributing science and technology equipment to schools

  •  Training Girls, Boys and Youth clubs

  •  Introducing 21st century skills and adapting the sexual reproductive health school curriculum

  •  Conduct training for girls and boys youth clubs, as well as new methodologies for teachers on career counselling, sports enhancement, the role of child and youth counsellors, information communication technology and sexual reproductive health.

CARE has used the Growth & Changes book produced by Grow & Know, Inc. to teach girls about puberty. 


July 2015 – June 2020



Ratanak Kiri Province


  • 145 teachers

  •  2601 students

  •  Indigenous communities

  •  School Directors

  •  District Officials of Education

  •  Government Officials


Project partners


  • Provincial Office of Education

  • District Office of Education

  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

  • KAPE

  • Software developer

  • Royal University of  Phnom Penh.

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