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Project profile

Health and Nutrition Initiative (HNI)

Engagement will focus on building a training team in each factory drawn from administrative and supervisory staff. CARE will provide key trainers with the resources and capacity to provide a range of initiatives to workers including financial literacy training for small groups, guided screenings of reproductive, maternal health and nutrition videos, and health awareness fairs. Food vendors around factories will be trained on hygiene and nutrition, with campaigns encouraging workers to eat more healthily. Infirmary staff will be trained to provide improved counselling services, including use of CARE’s Healthy Mother app, and a factory score card engaging management, workers, and infirmary staff will be set up to ensure ongoing monitoring and improvements.


In year 1, CARE proposes to reach five factories in three provinces: Carlington in Kampong Cham, Pontus Footwear in Takeo, Winning Dragon Leatherware in Kampong Speu, and Lin Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises and Quint Major Industrial in Kandal, focusing on building factory commitment, capacity building infirmaries, and health behaviour change activities in three of these factories.


In year 2, CARE proposes to roll out in five additional factories, adding additional components for financial literacy, nutrition and non-communicable diseases, while continuing to provide ongoing support and monitoring in the original five.


In year 3, CARE proposes to gradually scale back their involvement in factories to encourage management to take ownership of activities, with CARE fulfilling a coaching role to factory staff as they implement activities themselves. After three years of implementation in a factory, CARE aims that infirmary staff and factory management will be equipped with the skills to continue their own actions to improve worker well-being with limited external support.



  1.  Improve knowledge, behaviours, and choices of factory workers in relation to health,   nutrition and finances. 

  2.  Develop an enabling environment for worker well-being through enhancing the health and   nutrition offerings within factories and establishing strong linkages to outside services.

  3.  Increase capacity and commitment of factory and vendor management at multiple levels to     worker health and well-being.


Key activities
Project activities include:
  • Kick-off, selection of pilot factories, MOUs, work planning in three factories

  • Baseline: worker needs assessments and service quality assessments

  • Develop new package components (Non-Communicable Disease) and adapt existing (financial literacy)

  • Implement infirmary activities and health fairs in all five factories, with additional Health behaviour change approaches and score card in three of these factories

  • Conduct financial literacy worker-wellbeing, Non-Communicable Disease, and food vendor engagement in all factories

  • Capacity building and on-going coaching of factory training teams to lead activities

  • Formulate and implement exit strategies for sustainability.       



Nov 2018 – Oct 2021



Kampong Cham, Kampong Chnange, Kampong Speu, Takeo and Kandal Provinces.


  • Infirmary staff

  • Line Leader and assistant line leader in 10 factories

  • 28,132 Factory workers




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