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Project profile

Climate Sensitive Flood Management in the Lower Mekong Basin in Cambodia

CARE Cambodia has conducted flood responses in previous years and engaged in subsequent recovery activities with the aim of increasing communities’ resilience to future climactic events. This project, funded by GIZ, will increase the adaptive capacities of communities in two villages in Takeo province, to respond to the impacts of climate change. It will support livelihood and infrastructure recovery as well as improving communities’ ability to withstand such events in the future.


The primary aim is to decrease flood risk in particularly vulnerable pilot areas in cooperation with decentralised authorities of the national ministries, National Mekong Committees (NMCs), provincial/local stakeholders and the Mekong River Commission in implementing selected climate-sensitive flood protection measures.


Communities will gain knowledge of early flood warning systems while also improving their knowledge of environmental protection. This will include tree planting, waste management and water sanitation. As with all of CARE’s activities there will be a strong women’s empowerment focus throughout to ensure that women derive equitable benefit from this.


  •  Improved capacity of community members on using flood early warning system.

  •  Increased environmental awareness and Protection; and strengthened water supply infrastructure.



Key activities
Project activities include:
  •  Establishing flood markers

  • Provided tree & training on tree planting, WASH, waste management and environmental protection

  •  Training on gender roles and women’s empowerment, women’s voice and decision making. 

  • Cleaning and repairing the dike around the communal pond.

  • Training village volunteers on water level reading and maintenance, & farmers on flood level markers and how to use the marker.







September 2015 –January 2016



Takeo (Koh Andeth district)


  • Community members in Romeach Choeung and Mea Neak villages, Takeo province.


Project partners
  • Department of Hydrology and River Works

  • Local authority  members



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