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2018 flood response


Prey Veng province, situated along the riverbank of Mekong frequently floods during Cambodia’s rainy season. This year, the flood began in August 2018. The hardest hit areas were lowland, flooded by waters from the Mekong River. The highest level of water is 7.28 meters and the alarming level is 7.50meters. 


CARE International in Cambodia’s response team conducted fieldwork from 18th October to 5 November covering 4 districts, 7 communes, 33 villages, as recommended by Provincial, District, Commune’s Committee for Disaster Managements.


Following an assessment undertaken in partnership with Cambodia’s provincial, districts, communes committee for disaster management, CARE distributed emergency food and WASH supplies, including rice, water filter, hygiene kits and health supplies to families hardest hit by floods in this province.


CARE has work in partnership with local authorities to distribute the relief to a total 450 households (275 female headed-households), (20 pregnant women), and (30 people with disabilities) it is over achieve the target in the original plan is 429 households.


Following the floods CARE has conducted the post evaluation with purposes of exploring and evaluating what work well and what should be done better for the emergency response mission, to caption community perception regarding relevant, accountability and impact of distribution materials in responsive to household’s need, and too document lesson learn for future work on emergency response.




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