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Information for factory managers 

With young female migrants making up a large proportion of garment factory workers, CARE believes improving the lives of women workers will have a significant impact on the garment industry as a whole.


CARE focuses on developing ways of engaging with workers and management that work for factories. Our current team has many years of experience engaging with the garment sector, so we understand the challenges faced by management and can work with factories to meet their needs.


CARE’s experience shows when workers feel safe at work, have better access to healthcare and are equipped with key life skills, this leads to numerous positive outcomes for both workers and businesses. 


What CARE can offer in Cambodia

By addressing common challenges such as health, nutrition, communication and women’s workplace safety, CARE’s work with garment factories has led to improved attendance, increased productivity and improved teamwork.


CARE offers pre-developed materials tailored to the needs of garment workers in Cambodia. These can be replicated or adapted to meet the specific needs of individual companies and organisations.


Options include:

  • Empower women to prevent unplanned pregnancies

    • CARE offers a full package of support including training, drama videos and a mobile phone app through its Chat! Contraception package.

  • Ensure a safe working environment for women by preventing sexual harassment

  • Improve productivity by reducing worker stress related to financial insecurity and debt

    • CARE has developed financial literacy training sessions

  • Improve attendance by preventing absences resulting from stomach bugs and malnutrition

    • CARE has developed Nutrition and hygiene training sessions and is working with food vendors around factories

  • Ensure women are able to return to work after safe and healthy deliveries

    • CARE has developed maternal and newborn health training sessions



Learn about CARE’s award-winning Chat! Contraception package >

Learn more about CARE's workplace sexual harassment prevention package >



“Health education for workers is one of our key social responsibility activities. This has been very important for us as a business, as having the CARE program in our factory helps to attract buyers.


- Grment factory HR manager

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