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Garment factories - why work with CARE?

CARE offers 

  • Proven models for engaging with workers, suitable for a factory setting.

  • Standard packages developed in consultation with factory managers.

  • Flexible formats which can be adapted to cover different topics or new settings.

  • Existing relationships to increase the reach and effectiveness of activities.

  • Staff with experience working with private sector companies.

  • Industry understanding and access to the latest research.


Part of a global confederation of 14 organisations working across 94 countries, CARE Cambodia also brings a wealth of international knowledge and experience to every project worked on.




Factory managers involved in CARE programs report benefits including:

  • Improved employee attendance

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved work environment

  • Improved communication and teamwork

Workers who have engaged with CARE report benefits including:

  • Taking less sick leave

  • Improved access to health services

  • Reduced incidences of sexual


“Before we worked with CARE we told workers about appropriate

behaviour informally but this was not very effective. Now we

have specific messages to share and a clear workplace policy, it is

easy to show our workers what behaviour is not acceptable in our factory.”


- Garment factory HR manager

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