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Ethnic Minority Women program

Projects under the Ethnic Minority Women program focus on promoting inclusive education opportunities and enabling people to become active citizens within their communities. 


Current projects

       This project aims to ensure that girls and boys, including the most vulnerable, their parents           and school communities are ready for a safe return to school.

       The social accountability framework aims to empower citizens, strengthen partnerships                 between sub-national administrations (SNAs) and citizens, and leverage enhanced                           accountability of SNAs to improve local service delivery.    


       The Ethnic Minority Education Project aims to increase student enrolment and retention       

       rates in primary and lower secondary schools by improving the quality of education, school

       conditions and inclusive child- friendly learning environments, particularly for ethnic

       minority girls.   


Know & Grow aims to empower marginalised ethnic minority adolescents, especially girls, so that they have the opportunity to learn 21st century skills.


         In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and ethnic minority         

         communities, to improve access to relevant, inclusive and equitable quality education

         which promotes cultural diversity and advances education for girls, especially among the

          ethnic minority groups.


A selection of previous projects



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