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Emergencies & Disasters

CARE is an active partner in humanitarian and emergency relief operations in Cambodia.


When a disaster or emergency occurs, CARE immediately responds to address the needs of people affected, through providing shelter, food and other support.  In the recovery period, CARE provides assistance to restore livelihoods and rebuild communities.

Cambodia has been increasingly affected by severe weather events in recent years, with severe flooding negatively affecting some of the areas in which CARE works. In addition, many poor people are vulnerable to the impact of low-level natural hazards, potential border conflict and outbreaks of disease.  CARE continues to monitor these risks as part of a network of international organisations and government agencies in Cambodia.


All of CARE’s programs include elements of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction for the benefit of vulnerable populations in times of emergency.  We work with authorities at national and provincial levels to strengthen community level disaster management and response.  Areas of priority include addressing the impact on poor communities of natural hazards such as floods and droughts, as well as the effects of climate change and the risks from emerging pandemic threats. 


Current projects:

     The Female garment workers who are working or suspended adopt COVID-19 preventative             behaviors and improve awareness of Sexual Reproductive Health services and Gender Based-       Violence risks and services during this Pandemic.

A selection of previous projects:

Read more about previous emergency responses


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