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Project profile

ECHO-Recovery and Resilience(R & R) Project

The 2013 floods in Cambodia caused huge loss and damage to the assets of many families—with 44,764 families affected in Prey Veng and 6,524 in Ratanak Kiri. Having provided emergency relief assistance to communities in the weeks following the disaster, CARE is carrying out further work to support affected communities in these two provinces. The proposed activities represent a bridge between the initial disaster response to the 2013 floods, and longer-term recovery and development efforts in these hazard-prone provinces.


This ECHO-funded project will support the livelihood recovery of flood-affected families and strengthen the capacity of both communities and local institutions in disaster risk reduction (DRR) with the key objective of building resilience and mitigating the side effects of future hazards on poor and vulnerable families in the target area. This project will target an estimated 4,000 flood affected households, focusing primarily on women-headed households and other socially marginalised groups such as ethnic minorities, people with a disability and the elderly. The project will support livelihood and infrastructure recovery as well as improving communities’ ability to withstand such events in the future.



To improve livelihood recovery of flood affected communities, particularly women and vulnerable families and strengthen the capacity of local authorities and communities in integration of DRR into community and sub-national planning in targeted locations for preventing an erosion of assets in the future.


Key activities

Project activities include:

  • Improving the livelihood recovery of flood affected families through cash transfers

    • Orientation session on flood recovery and DRR at village level prior to cash transfers

    • Follow up support to project beneficiaries, including financial literacy and management training

  • Infrastructure rehabilitation

    • Site selection and improvement of target safety places

    • Installation of rain water collection systems in target schools

    • Monitoring and follow up support for infrastructure rehabilitation works

  • Integration of DRR and climate change into community planning, including livelihood recovery and protection through awareness raising

    • Awareness raising on DRR/CCA at village level

    • Completion of Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments (HVCA) exercises

    • Development of village and commune DRR plans

    • Support for the integration of DRR plans into commune investment plans

    • Awareness-raising and capacity building for three schools targeted for infrastructure develop school, DRR plans, and conduct preparedness drills.

  • Increasing the capacity of  local authorities in preparedness, emergency response and disaster risk reduction, including supporting linkages between District, Provincial and National Level processes

    • Supporting a flood emergency response reflection workshop at provincial level

    • Training PCDM/DCDM on roles and responsibilities, DRR/CCA concepts and preparedness

    • Training CCDM on roles and responsibilities, DRR/CCA concepts and preparedness




May 2014 – December 2014



Prey Veng and Ratanak Kiri Provinces.



4000 flood-affected households
55 villages

10 communes

3 schools

Project partners


DRR Forum, Joint Action Group (JAG) and Humanitarian Response Forum (HRF), National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), Provincial Committees for Disaster Management (PCDM), Commune Committees for Disaster Management (CCDM), and relevant line ministries.


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